HC Landsberg Riverkings e.V. is the club in the region that plays in the highest league and has the largest fan base. After some difficult pandemic-years and a turbulent history of ice hockey in Landsberg, there was a growing need for a reorientation of the brand identity as well as complimentary communication measures. The goal: to restore the sport of ice hockey in the region to what it once was – attractive, entertaining and home to all sports enthusiasts. Regardless of whether they are club members, fans or volunteer supporters.


Based on a comprehensive brand strategy analysis, we developed a new direction for the association – all based on the motto: evolution instead of revolution. Because today the club is already the athletic core of Landsberg. The result: a manifesto that was developed with officials, active players and fans, which serves as the foundation of the overall relaunch and attractive campaign elements. From a new mission statement, a modernized corporate design, to social ads and a video with the new club anthem. Inclusive, ambitious, future-oriented: We are the Riverkings. Here, the WE rules.

Drei neuere iPhones liegen auf einer Fläche. Auf den Bildschirmen sind verschiedene Instagram Posts des HC Landsberg zu sehen.
Drei Zeitungen, auf denen verschiedene Printwerbungen für den HC Landsberg zu sehen sind, inklusive Artikel der neuen Vereins-Hymne
Hängendes Werbeplakat des HC Landsberg mit Slogan-Aufschrift "Hier regiert das wir" und Logo


Friday, 09/30/2022 – not only the first matchday of the new season, but also the premiere of the new club anthem. Produced by Specki TD, a musician from Landsberg who is known far beyond regional borders. In cooperation with the creators and the club, we set the stage for the new song and created a slightly different music video for it. HERE, HERE is the new masterpiece available!