Ready. SAT. Go!

Aerospacelab – OEOE comes on board as an agency partner.

The space race is in full swing. Our customer aerospacelab produces small satellites and thus plays an important role in this game. Founded in 2018, aerospacelab pursues a clear vision: “Make access to space simple so our customers can succeed on earth.” The product: small satellites for use in observation and communication payloads that yield rich data sets for analysis. The satellites play a vital role in environmental monitoring, agriculture, and disaster management by capturing data across various spectral bands. Their versatility, for example, enables precision farming, providing insights into vegetation health and land dynamics, while also supporting rapid disaster impact assessments. (Source:

OEOE is coming on board as agency partner and has been providing support with various communication and goto-market tasks since the beginning of the year. From a range of measures relating to eye-catching image communication and different trade fair appearances to a series of measures relating to corporate identity and social media pressence, we are contributing our New Space & Deep Tech expertise.

We are thrilled to welcome AEROSPACELAB as our latest international customer in the space tech sector, helping them reach for the stars.