We get it out of the way.

Waste management company of the future. OEOE designs the new appearance.

Disposal, recycling, and sustainability – nowadays these topics are interconnected. Since 1988, Stampfl-Entsorgung GmbH has been dedicated to providing professional disposal services, waste reception, demolition & dismantling, and various other sustainable waste management solutions. As a premium service provider, Stampfl aims to blend the exceptional standards of its operations with an equally impressive external presence, fostering further regional and national growth.

OEOE handles all communication responsabilities for Stampfl, including tasks related to the main brand Stampfl and its subsidiaries. Social media, location marketing, exhibition /event communication, website and all other marketing tasks will be centrally managed moving forward. We are thrilled to have acquired another customer who entrusts us comprehensibly with brand support, thereby pursuing a sustainable path to becoming a future-oriented provider.